Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soccer - Lucas

This was Lucas' second time playing soccer, and it was exciting to see how his confidence has gone up, along with his skill level.  He played a lot of defense, and although there was not an actual goalie for this particular league, he played the position most like goalie for part of every game. 

I missed all of Lucas' practices, and all but three of his games, due to bedrest.  But I was there during his second-to-last game, when he pulled off an amazing play, all on his own.  A player from the opposite team was coming down the field, hoping to score a goal, and Lucas was defending the goal.  He got the ball away, and with one kick, he managed to send the ball all the way down to the opposite side of the field and make a goal!  Pretty cool move, Son. :)

(One disappointment?  We took more video than pics, so no great action shots of Lucas.  We'll try to pull a couple from the videos at some point. :)

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