Thursday, April 14, 2011

15 more


My mind is so busy tonight.  Keandre's allergy testing earlier today showed that he has become allergic to fifteen new foods in the last ten months.  (I didn't even know that was possible!)

Here are the foods Keandre is allergic to:
dairy/milk, chicken, salmon, eggs, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, oats, buckwheat, lima beans, celery, squash, cabbage, coconut, oranges, pears, cantaloupe, watermelon, cinnamon

We started to tell Keandre about it at dinner tonight.  Lucas and Destany were concerned and sad for Keandre.  Thankfully, that was easily remedied by the approach I took.  I give God the credit for helping me think on my feet!!!

Here is how it went....

Mom: "Sorry, honey....the test said no to chicken."
Destany:  "Oh, no!"
Mom: "But....YES to ground beef and turkey!"
Keandre, glowing: "Yeah!"

Mom: "No to pears and watermelon."
siblings: "Oh...."  (frowning)
Mom: "But....YES to grapes and apples!"
Keandre, smiling: "Hooray!"
I'll admit....this news is a little overwhelming.  I teared up a few times during dinner tonight, thinking of how our sweetie will miss eating some of his favorite foods. I am also a little concerned about making sure he has a balanced diet!  But it was a sweet time, eating out together to celebrate Keandre's bravery.  I only slipped out once, taking Brooklyn in the Ergo to walk around and get some fresh air and think and pray.  Then I was back, ready to jump in again. 

Despite the recent diagnosis and these new food allergies, we have much to be thankful for. Keandre is growing well, and is the perfect weight for his age and size. He is physically able to eat, and just as important, he loves to eat. (Many kids with EGID refuse to eat, due to the pain, and have to be taught how to eat once they are stable.) If we stay on this path, we will avoid a feeding tube with elemental/hypoallergenic formula, and we can continue to feed him healthy, organic foods that will hopefully help his body heal.

Hope is good. We are determined to make the most of this opportunity to learn, grow, and help Keandre thrive. And of course we will continue to pray for healing, too.

And from now on.....we are going to have fun with this! We plan to celebrate his list of foods, and help him eat a wide variety of foods.  I will be making a word document listing all the foods he CAN eat, plus pictures, so he can help me plan meals that are safe for him. We're also planning to make him a couple goofy t-shirts. (More on that later!)

So.....are you wondering how you can help us? 
(I know....I'm reading your thoughts! :)

In order to fully eliminate these 19 foods, I need to make an extensive list of the foods Keandre CAN eat. 

You can help by filling up the comments with all your ideas on simple, healthy foods that are NOT on the list above.  Fruits, veggies, meat, grains, etc.  It's all fair game!  I'd love your ideas and encouragement.   Keandre will love it, too. :)

ps - Just in case you are wondering....I was so tired last night I miscounted.  15 new foods, so I had to change the title!


Denise said...

Well, my first thought was organic (dairy-free) chocolate! :) Also, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, green beans, lettuce and leafy greens, tomatoes, potatoes, sunflower seeds, brown rice, lentils...


Roxanne Anderson said...

I love how you turned it around and said Yes to the things he can eat rather than just No to the things he can't eat.

I really like Denise's list. Here are a few of my favorite foods not on her list:

salami, pastrami, broccoli, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, peaches, raisins, spaghetti with meat sauce.

Rachel said...

Dried cranberries
dried cherries

dates (dates and cherries are some of my favorite things to bake vegan treats with!)

Quinoa (you can make it like oatmeal or for dinner, too)

Olive oil, for cooking - you can even use it for baking! (Sounds weird but it works)

Applesauce (again, great in vegan baking)

Baked beans - I have a great recipe if you want it

Ground pork is good too - the meat shop on 2nd st and buckeye sells it - it's az grown and humanely slaughtered.

You are an awesome Mom, Kiara! Praying for you as you step into this new journey. ((hugs))

familygregg said...

Rice Dream. Italian ices. Smoothies made w/Juice. Sorbets.

Turkey meatballs. Italian Sausages. Both w/Pasta.

Hummus w/rice crackers.

Mashed potatoes.

Garbanzo Beans Sauteed w/ garlic & tomatoes over noodles or brown rice.

Alice said...

I think this site may help you some
I have a recipe for Chocolate waffles you might like. I use eggs in it BUT I believe you can replace eggs with bananas. I read it and tried it with one egg in this recipe and it worked fine... I am NOT sure that will work for other recipes though. (posting the recipe on my blog in a moment... i've been promising fam i would for a while now)
Good job keeping it POSITIVE! I really like how you did that :)

Sarah 'Bekah said...

I'm so proud of you for keeping up hope, and for finding ways to help make this more positive for sweet Keandre! I imagine it's both staggering, and empowering to know of so many new allergies (empowering in that, at least you know that avoiding those things will be helping him feel better!)

Here are some of the things I thought of to add to the "YES!" list:
~WHEAT! - breads, pancakes, waffles, etc. (made with no egg, or dairy, of course)
~Apples & honey dip (I make a dip my kiddos love out of honey & sunflower butter - tastes a lot like the caramel dip, but much healthier!)
~Tortilla chips & salsa or bean dip
~Pita chips or veggies & hummus dip
~Special pizzas (I make Levi "pizza" with a corn tortilla, sauce and safe toppings like pepperoni, olives & mushrooms - no cheese - I like to make a big batch & freeze them individually so I can easily have a quick, safe meal for him anytime)

Sarah 'Bekah said...

O, a few more favorite snacks:

~Snack mix (dried cranberries, dates, raisins, pumpkin seeds, choco chips, etc.)

Britany said...

Hmmm... It looks like some great ideas above. I don't have much to add other than to echo what someone else said about smoothies. We are smoothie-addicted right now! :)

Praying for wisdom in choosing the right foods for that little sweetie!

My.3.Gurlz.With.Kurlz said...

Truly wonderful way of breaking the news to him. Great mother!
My nephew has the same condition and he is allergic to many of these same things. So, I am taking notes of these ideas. Thanks!

The Kinkel Family said...

Wow! What a list! I'm familiar with these types of restrictions with my nephew, Gregory :( He also has the peanut/nut Jonovich allergy trademark!
You should definitely touch base with my sis Melissa - she is a champ with Greg's diet and he is healthy and great weight/size wise.

I know a few of her favorites:
+rice cakes smeared with smooshed avocado on top
+Costco sells sirloin strips pre-cooked and seasoned - great for some added protein and super easy.
+quinoa is awesome - high in protein, so versatile

Good job, Mama - you can do it!!

kim said...

oh, heart feels for you, but you know i'm walking beside you here! i know first hand the struggle you're facing...yet julia will thank God for her allergies because she's thankful for all the great things she does enjoy eating!

just a few ideas that i don't think made it on lists above:
- spinach
- mango
- sweet potatoes
- have you discovered Daiya vegan cheddar or mozzarella shreds? fantastic!!! we use it on pizza [i make my own pizza sauce], bbq chicken salad [i make my own bbq sauce--and you could use beef or turkey instead], tacos [i make my own seasoning]
- my kids ♥ rice+black or pinto beans+salsa+daiya cheddar for lunch

i also have tons of vegan recipes (though mine are also gluten free) that i'd be happy to share. have you ever tried cooking indian food? there are a lot of recipes i'ves used that would work with his limitations.

:) ♥

Katie P. said...

You are one strong, brave, and fearless loving Mama miss Kiara! I just read your blog post and teared up. I love how you are choosing to focus on the positive and asking others to get creative with you. So much love to you. Big Hugs friend!

Emily B. said...

wow- some great ideas already :) I think I've mentioned before that D LOVES goat milk. Do you know if that's "safe" yet?

a few thoughst:
1. rice, "milk" alternative, raisins (yum!)
2. quinoa, black beans, corn, cilantro, tomatoes (fabulous! good w/chicken too for the rest of the family)
3. hummus w/ carots/cucumber/veggie chips
4. turkey/pork/mushroom lasagna (w/no cheese- we make this for D and we all love it too)

good luck and we're thinking of you!

Miss Cyndi said...

Keep on keeping on you are strong and couragiouse I agree you turned sad to glad good attatude Kiandre way to go buddy canned pumkin can be substatuted for eggs also cream of tarter and bakeing soda and vinager tip they have alist of egg substatutes
Berryy cobler vegan
Home made Chipolte Rice bowles
green beans brocali cauliflower greens soul style black eyed pees brusle sprouts with EVO
can he have soy toffuti makes great cream cheese I use it in Lasanya and make creamy tamato sauce cheesy pasta with favorite herbs
Pasta salad with brags vinergrette
sweet patatoe fries
minie shepards pies made in muffin pan I will post recipees later
artachoke anta pasto and Tofuti make a great topping for rice cakes and sauces Fresh Nut butter from sprouts penut Butter Lolly Pops thickly coated on spoons praying

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