Monday, April 18, 2011

patch testing


Today we started our first round of skin patch allergy testing.  I'm thankful to report it went better than I expected!  We just had to prove to him that it wouldn't hurt. :)

The night before, I stayed up late cooking/pureeing/smashing 26 different foods and supplements to take in for the tests. 

They put a tiny amount of the food/supplement under those tiny disks.  We return to the doctor's on Wednesday to remove them and do the first read, on Thursday to check it again, and again the next Wednesday for another consultation.  So far he's tolerating the patch testing very well. 

I am very thankful to Wendy, who I met through on online group for families dealing with EGID.  She talked me through the prep work, and helped me feel like this is doable, and the testing and elimination diet will be worth it!  She lives here in the valley, and her little guy, J, has the same condition.  (Please pray for healing for him as well!  He had his second endoscopy at a local children's hospital today.)


Megan said...

Oh mama. The things we do for our kiddos...
You are doing such a great job.

Our pediatrician told me once that you can tell the good parents from the bad ones because no matter the diagnoses, the good ones just jump in and do whatever it takes to get their child better. The bad ones ho hum and whine about it.

Through this whole ordeal, you've just been a rock! i can't imagine all the new things that you've had to learn and experience and you just seem to do it all with such grace.

You are a ROCKSTAR!

Jamie said...

What a blessing to find a local mom to help!! I pray he continues to tolerate the test well and I pray that you get some great answers!

Janel said...

What were the results?

Andy and Kiara said...

LOL Sorry, Janel. I forgot to post them! ALL of the foods were negative. Amazing! We feel like God gave us our own little miracle. :)

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