Saturday, April 9, 2011

BOHO - pics from farmer's market


Three weeks ago we committed at the last minute to participate in our first farmers' market at the Boho Farm + Home.  It was a success!  I sold several tubs of body butter, and a number of chapsticks.  Even better, I met some lovely and talented people from our community.

The just-harvested organic produce, homemade jam and muffins, and peppermint lemonade were absolutely delicious.  I slipped away from our booth as often as possible to check out the crafts, jewelry, beautiful headbands (picture coming soon), and more.  I left with more ideas than I have time to try out! 

Caroline did an amazing job organizing this event, and I hope that once she recovers from the craziness she plans another one. :)  You can check out Caroline's blog post about it all here.  Jill, from Sweet Life Garden and Neighborhood Garden Party, also posted pictures here.

One unexpected was a hot day!  The temperature hit the low 90s, and that is not helpful when selling body butter.  The ones in the ice chest were fine.  But my samples slowly changed from the texture of fresh whipped cream to melted ice cream.  Ha!  Next time I will have them sitting on ice packs.  (Ironically, it was rainy and in the mid-50s today!)


Rachel said...

I was thinking about you this morning when Sarah and I were out an about - it would have been a nearly perfect morning for body butter! :) (if not a little chilly!)

I'm sorry we missed it - the photos from you and from the BOHO blog are all so nice :)

Denise said...

So glad you did well!

The Kinkel Family said...

I am so disappointed that I wasn't able to stop by the market that day :(
I hope she does another one before it gets even hotter. Glad to hear that you all did well!

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