Friday, April 15, 2011

in other news....

- our rabbits are almost named.
- we are getting 3 - 4 eggs daily -- blue/grey, tan, and brown.
- the kids and I are slowly working through a list of important life skills that will take years and years to teach. (oh, wait -- isn't that the point of parenting?)
- the chapsticks we make have stylish new labels.
- we're trying something new in our house, and it has to do with little glass marbles.
- we had family in town recently, and we missed them the day they left!
- we're in a hair rut, but I have a new idea to try out.
- March kids' quotes are way overdue.

So....lots of posts in the works.  Someday soon, I hope! :)


Susanna said...

Hello! I just found your blog (via a comment on shea butter diaper cream on Passionate Homemaking of all places :). Our family is also waiting for a call for a domestic, infant, transracial adoption, so I"m going to tag your blog so we can follow your journey. Can't wait to see how God provides and blesses each step of the way!

Andy and Kiara said...

Hi Susanna,

How exciting! Thanks for letting me know you're reading. I'd love to know when you get the call and your baby comes home. It is a bittersweet, amazing, and so very meaningful journey!


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